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T-Back Tank - Black on Grey

T-Back Tank - Black on Grey

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Are you ready to take your workouts to the next level? Then you need the T-Back Tank – the iconic gym wear worn by the best lifters. It's lightweight, breathable and pre-shrunk. Show off your dedication with the perfect mix of style and function. What are you waiting for? Get lifting!



Width 43.5cm, Length 34.5cm


Width 49.5cm, Length 37.5cm


Width 52.5cm, Length 39.5cm


Width 58.5cm, Length 40.5cm


Width 61.5cm, Length 42.5cm

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What our customers have said...


    Wanted an easier way to weigh all my meats and this does it for me. Didn’t think it would this easy. Good find


    Had this for 2 weeks now and now having everything set up, my meal prep take half the time. There is a small discrepancy by .05g but for me that not an issue. I highly rate this scale