Heavy Duty Leather Lever Belt

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Leather Heavy Duty Lever Belt

This belt will be a belt to last belt you will ever need!

Looking for the right belt can be difficult. It comes down to comfort and support. This lever belt has been tried and tested before its release. It provides the support needed for those heavy lifts without digging into your hips.

This design uses the same width the entire length of the belt which allows for maximum support and abdominal/core tightness.

The whole reason you wear a belt is to keep tight, having a smaller section at the front of the belt doesn't help with this.

A lever-style makes it simple and easy to get your training belt on and off between sets.

This is also fully adjustable so you can tailor it to your exact waist measurement and get the perfect fit for you.


  • Matt Black Lever
  • Lever is Strong
  • Comfortable
  • Easy function for on and off sets



Extra Small: 57 - 77 cm

Small: 62 - 84 cm

Medium: 73 - 94 cm

Large: 82- 104 cm

Extra Large: 94 - 116 cm

We recommend selecting the size where your waist fits the middle ranges of the belt. Lever belts are easy to adjust but best to land somewhere in the middle of the range.

For example, if your waist was 32 inches a small size would be best to give you some room either side.

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